Dog Foster Application

Thank you for considering Baypath Humane Society's Dog Foster Program.

As a Baypath foster you become a critical part of our operation and mission so we want to learn more about you, your family and your needs. We ask that you please fill out this application, which asks for such things as personal references and your pet’s veterinarian information (if applicable), as well as includes questions about your previous pet ownership experience. We’ll look forward to contacting you once we’ve reviewed it. If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Thank you!

Although we are a small shelter, we take in many animals. Most of our dogs are able to find their adoptive homes quickly, but some need a little extra time and help before they are ready for adoption.

In the interest of your time and energy we wanted to share a little more info about the programs needs to make sure they align with your expectations. Please take a moment to read through before filling out an application.

Our biggest foster needs are for:

  • Medical – treatment for a medical condition or a place to stay while waiting for medical to be completed.
  • Behavior – adult dogs that need additional training help for behavior issues.
  • Puppies – needing socialization, or waiting on spay/neuter appointment, puppies usually are not already house trained, and should not be left alone longer than 3-4hrs depending on age.
  • Adults – that do not do well in the shelter. please keep in mind some of our dogs have never lived in a house. So there is sometimes things that may be new to them. It is also not uncommon for adult dogs to have a few accidents during transition.

Although we may not have a dog in need of a foster right away, things are always changing day to day, and we like to have fosters on our team ready for when dogs do need a foster home.

A few things to consider:

  • We want to stay in constant contact with you throughout your foster dogs stay, and ask that you are willing and able to respond within 24hrs of us reaching out – regardless of whether it is  just a weekly check in, follow up on surgery, training help, or supply check in.
  • We also need our fosters to be flexible in order to bring their dogs into the shelter for routine medical or veterinary care, as well as meeting potential adopters when needed.
  • We do not have a in-shelter clinic, we have a vet that comes to us. Vets hours in shelter are  (Tuesday mornings about 9am-11am or Friday’s about  12-2pm – we typically get 1 hour notice when she is on the way) Timeframes are subject to change.
  • Please keep in mind most dogs have no need to see vet weekly, it is if there is a medical concern, or follow up after or during completing a round of medication.
  • Any vaccination boosters needed during your foster dogs stay will be set up separately at a day/time also convenient to you, within the appropriate dates needed.
  • Please also keep in mind, the fewer transitions each dog makes, the better it will be for the dog. We will inform you of any and all information we have about your potential foster. So please take the time to read all about them.  If for any reason during your fosters stay it is no longer working out, depending on the amount of dogs in shelter, it may take a few days to find a new foster for them. We ask you remain patient and understanding while we find a new placement for them.

If you feel our needs match your lifestyle and expectations, we hope you will consider filing out this application.