• Hello, foster parent!

    Thank you for making a difference! Stepping up to foster a pet can be the spark that begins the positive change in an animal’s life. As rewarding as this experience can be, it can present some challenges. The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources’ Division of Animal Health requires all prospective foster care givers to read and acknowledge the following information about the ups and downs of providing foster care for rescued animals. Once you submit the contract, a copy will be immediately emailed to you for your records.
  • Things to Consider

    Many foster animals have an unknown background, and this has the potential to create different problems when bringing them into a new home. Rescued dogs and cats frequently come from situations where little or no veterinary care was provided. In some cases, those animals in greatest need of assistance are the ones chosen to be rescued. As a result, some of those animals may pose the greatest risk for infectious or contagious disease. Additionally, some of these animals have had limited or no socialization time with people or other animals. Animals coming from these situations may pose significant challenges, but providing them with an opportunity to become great pets is a noble and worthwhile effort. Please bear in mind that the following situations could occur with your fostered pet.
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